For Mindo Canopy Adventures S.A. the most important thing is to provide our visitors safety excellence. We have opened CONTINUOUSLY states since 2006 without any accident.

  • Our building materials are of the highest quality, with quality certificates: ISO 9001; 9001: 2000; and NTS 9001: 2000.
  • We have double security cable.
  • We perform daily checks of our equipment and facilities.
  • We make weekly checks detailed in cables, shackles, mooring, trees, harness, carabiners and pulleys.
  • Our harnesses and equipment are mejjores brands of safety equipment worldwide recognized quality certificates Petzl, Black Diamond, Sterling Ropes and Luky.
  • Costa Rican technicians have over 10 years of experience in construction and handling of Canopy Tours. Thus complying with international standards and regulations established by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute for the proper construction of our canopy.
  • STAFF. Guides uniquely qualified.