Canopy Extreme Sport

Que Es CanopyThat's  Canopy is a new adventure sport whose main objective is to offer a single very different activity and ecological experience gliding from one point to another by horizontal cables with full safety equipment, thus being able to feel and experience the sensation of flying in addition to appreciate the scenery and nature from above. The equipment used consists of harnesses, carabiners, helmets, special gloves and pulleys that provide you all the necessary safety during travel.

History of Canopy

Born in Costa Rica in 1992 when two Canadians came to this country and were scouring the country looking for a place to carry out the project. Both were very interested in the preservation of nature and contemplate it from above, without being intrusive in the wild, it seemed a good idea. "From above it makes less noise and interfere less in the wild jungle," they said, and they set to work buy clonazepam . Today there are many companies in Costa Rica dedicated to making Canopy tours and this new sport has spread to other countries like Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Chile, Mexico, Argentina and now in Ecuado